The Vari-Grid system is an alternative to the heavy duty Hercules Trommel range of machines. The system is quickly and easily moved and set up using a wheel loader. Once set up on the quarry floor it is fed by the same loader and fines and oversize can be readily removed and placed into two separate sizes. Wing plates come as standard to help direct the material over the bars and prevent spillage.

Bar spacing’s are easily adjusted and can be set between 100mm and 400mm in 50mm increments with the bars easily managed by two men.

As an alternative to working on the quarry floor they can be set up over a quarry bench to give increased stockpiles without the need to move the material. They can also be set up in multiple configurations in order to screen more than one size.

Key Features

heavy duty scalping system.

Easy to transport both off and on site due to the overall design, weight and dimensions.

Screening apertures can be quickly changed by two me from 100mm to 400mm in 50mm increments. Can handle a feed size of up to 700mm with ease.

Although the design is compact it is built within a heavy duty package for many years of service.