Cleaning up in a gypsum mine.

The new machine replaces an old Hercules Trommel installed in the late 90's. Stelex Engineering Limited has installed an HT182C into a gypsum mine. The machine is being used to separate marl from gypsum. The marl being returned to landfill, the gypsum being crushed and graded before passing onto the factory. The gypsum and plaster are used in the manufacture of high specification products for dentistry, food and ceramics, as well as construction grade gypsum for the production of plaster and plasterboard products.

The barrel sizes are designed to cope with the customers exacting demands for screening the feed material without loosing the precious gypsum and maximising production levels in all weather conditions.

The new Trommel is outperforming the old machine thanks to its overall improved design and advancements that have been made. Much to the customers approval he is able to keep the factory busy.