Another Hercules static Trommel in Norway

Hercules Trommels the "Game Changer" for the Armourstone industry. High tonnage production of Armourstone has always been a challenge, traditional screening and sorting equipment offers limited material sizes at a narrow capacity range. The Hercules Trommel is the heavy duty solution that provides an accurate measure to the final product.

Following on from the installation of an HT212 into Norway our dealer secured the sale of another machine. This HT212 with a capacity of up to 750tph features a 75T capacity feed hopper. The barrel is fitted with three openings, 0-10kg, 10-60kg and 60-300kg. The -10kg passes via a supplied fines chute to a conveyor for further sizing. The 10-60kg and the 60-300kg pass to either side of the machine via supplied chutes into separate bays. The +300kg passes out of the end of the barrel and can weigh up to 3,000kg.

This Hercules Trommel is certainly earning its keep and producing just what the customer required.