ht30 design overhaul.

The largest model in the Hercules Trommel range has received a general design overhaul as part of a standard analysis into the trommels design and costings.

The 3M diameter trommel fits in with the family of 1.5M, 1.8M, 2.1M and 2.3M models to offer a range from 300tph to 1500tph. The basic changes mean that the customer is getting the best machine possible at the best price as we look to offer the best manufacturing methods across the trommel range.

The largest lump size that can be fed to the trommel is 1500mm and the maximum barrel aperture size is 965mm.The trommel is rated up to 1500 tph but we believe that, in certain applications, this production rate could be even higher based on the design data we have.